About Us


Handcrafted Quality

Each and every one of our products is handmade and designed from carefully selected materials.  Our jewelry is lightweight and comfortable to wear all day long.  Each piece is  inspected for quality and made to last.


Unique & Upbeat

Due to the handmade nature of our products, no product can ever be recreated exactly. This ensures a one-of-a-kind product suiting your unique style.  Enjoy our lovely eclectic finds featuring many colors and styles!


Ethical & Sustainable

By shopping Sun Sprinkles, you promote ethical business and entrepreneurship.  Plus, our products are all zero-waste, as all extra materials are reused.  You'll not only look good wearing our products, but you can feel good about wearing them too!


About the artist

Holly Klaus

Holly Klaus, Founder & Product Designer

Hello and Welcome!

My name is Holly Klaus and I live in Michigan with my husband and two tiny dogs.  I  earned my Masters degree in fashion design & product development.  I never imagined that I would be starting my own business, but life takes you to crazy and wonderful places!

Since my formative years, I have had a passion for art and design, fashion, and especially for working with clay. Sun Sprinkles was born as a mix of my design knowledge and clay working skills. However, it began with a rocky start when, as newlyweds, my husband received a cancer diagnosis as I had just began designing products. The world seemed awfully cloudy.

Life's clouds taught me to make my own sunshine. I've learned to better appreciate life's simple joys, follow my passions, and to use my creativity to accomplish my goals. Sun Sprinkles products radiate with bold colors, modern shapes, and unique designs- making each pair eccentric, upbeat, and one-of-a-kind. Making these earrings sparks joy for me, and I hope wearing them sparks joy for you.